A portrait of two plastic bags

New year's eve, 2014. Mrs. Bento decided to spend time with her husband at Honest Ed's. There are many interesting items they don't find in big box stores, so they considered this trip an adventure, a 'small treasure hunt'. If she remembered correctly, this was only the second time of their visit to the iconic bargain store. The first time being the eighth year after their landing in Toronto. They thought then: what a warehouse!! After the building was sold to Westbank, a Vancouver development company in 2013, the layout of Honest Ed's has changed, and the entrance is now from Markham street. The revolving turnstile is still there, which made Mrs. Bento nervous every time she passed through the 'spiky gate'. The shopping concluded a pair of fleece pants for Mr. Bento, a nail file for herself and a bath tub strainer for Ginger. And near the exit, she discovered Planters cashews on sale for only $3.40 for a 275 g can. On the wall there was the slogan "Honest Ed's a nut, look at the cashew save!" She felt compelled to take up a can with no salt. Arriving at the counter, while waiting to pay up, she browsed around and saw many goldenly aged pictures and posters. Right in front of the counter stood a big and prominent one with strong hand writings: Hello Ed, It's great to visit your warehouse. Come and visit mine. Liberace 1970.